Chef Ava Santori's world falls apart after she finds out her estranged younger brother, Marco, has been lost at sea. When the ambulance-chasing attorney who's setting up a class action suit against the cruise line hints that gross negligence caused the "accident," Ava decides to go to St. Barts and do a little investigating herself. Dane Erikson, owner of the cruise line and target of the lawsuit, is devastated by the loss of his crew, especially his friend Marco. Ava sets out determined to hate Dane, but the longer she's with him, the more unlikely it seems that he had anything to do with her brother's death. Eventually the two of them join forces to find out exactly what happened to the doomed ship. As their admiration, and, eventually, love, grow, so does the magnitude of the perils they face. Romance, danger, and adventure on the high seas in just the right combination makes St. Claire's debut a very impressive one. Shelley Mosley

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In the land of romance, there is love in the air…and danger in the shadows. 
Acting as curator of the prestigious exhibit at the Palace of Versailles is Professor Janine Coulter's chance to prove herself and vindicate her deceased mentor and friend. She will stop at nothing to be sure the three priceless vases once commissioned by Madame du Pompadour but lost for centuries are showcased to the art world. Unfortunately, Luc Tremont, a security specialist, has made decisions without consulting her, undercutting her authority and threatening the success of the exhibit. Regardless of her sizzling attraction to the handsome Frenchman, Janine also has to fight the uneasy suspicion that he’s not all that he seems. 
Luc Tremont has lived a lie for many years and he finally has the chance to escape his dark past. All he has to do is follow a trail that leads directly to a vicious criminal and lead the FBI art crimes division to its target. To do so, Luc arranges an elaborate scheme to make it appear that the Pompadour Plums have been stolen. Unfortunately, Luc’s nemesis is one step ahead of him and the plan is foiled -- the real vases are stolen and it suddenly appears that Luc is the thief. Unless Luc can find the missing Pompadour Plums and turn his enemy over to the FBI, he’ll never be free. 
Janine and Luc are forced to ignore the powerful current that draws them to each other. With the same goal, but very different motivations, they team up as both the hunters and the hunted, racing across the lush countryside of Burgundy to the glamorous casinos of the French Alps. As danger mounts, so does their mutual attraction and the inevitable disclosure that will reveal Luc’s true identity. Janine begins to fear the thief who will steal her heart more than the one who has stolen the famed Plums…and Luc knows that it’s only a matter of time until Janine learns his true identity. That revelation will kill their chances of any future together…if his enemy doesn’t kill them both first.