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Londres et Madère 1844

Eliza Thoroughgood avait invoqué des raisons de santé pour partir à Madère avec son jeune cousin : soigner l'asthme qui la mine depuis l'adolescence et accélérer la convalescence d'Aubrey, qui se remet mal d'un accident de cheval.La vrai raison de ce voyage est qu'elle ne ressent aucune inclination pour le fiancé que son père lui a choisi. De fait, elle aurait inventé n'importe quoi pour retarder le mariage !Eliza et Aubrey n'ont guère le temps de profiter de leur séjour. A peine sont-ils arrivés dans l'île qu'ils sont enlevés par les hommes de main d'un mystérieux capitain, Cyprian Dare, dont le vaisseau prend aussitôt la mer.Leur destination inquiète moins Eliza que les intentions de Dare. Un désir de vengeance, dont Aubey serait l'instrument, semble animer ce dernier. Mais le plus étrange est qu'Eliza se sent irrésistiblement attirée par leur persécuteur...



Rexanne Becnel a écrit de nombreux livres fabuleux encore

non traduit chez nous en France. En voici un échantillon :


In the name of the English King Henry, Rand Fitz Hugh has arrived to claim rebellious Wales. A fierce and loyal warrior, he is prepared for war, but boldly seeks peace, never imagining the battle that will rage within his own heart.



WALES 1144
When Jasper is left to guard his brother's family in the half-built Rosecliffe Castle, he vows to prove his worth to the disapproving Rand. He is ready when the Welshman Rhys and his rebels make their move. But he does not expect his enemies to include a beautiful woman who, as a child, had saved his life--and who, as an adult, ignites in him a searing desire.



WALES 1154
A rogue Welsh knight disguises himself as a wandering minstrel in order to infiltrate Rosecliffe Castle, reclaim his birthright, and take revenge on his hated enemy by seizing his daughter. Yet he is unprepared for the desire the beautiful hostage ignites in him. The third in a trilogy that began with "The Bride of Rosecliffe" and "The Knight of Rosecliffe."



From the journal of Miss Olivia Byrde:
Lord H...Drinks too much. Illmannered and altogether too bold. Though roughedged, he is tall and reasonably handsome. But he proves the rule that looks can be deceiving.Illsuited for marriage.Since her entry into society three years ago, Olivia has kept detailed notes on every eligible man with whom she's ever sipped a cup of tea or twirled across the dance floor. Some of her diary entries have resulted in successful matches for her friends, but she's never found any man she considered remotely suitable for herself.But once Lord Neville Hawke comes into her life, the other men in her book look positively perfect. Neville's a notorious scoundrel with a shady and painful past, and a penchant for destroying rooms in fits of drunken rage. A heartbreaker and a rogue, Lord Hawke is the kind of man who knows how to seduce a woman with only his taunting eyes and challenging words. The kind of man to whom a wellbred lady like Olivia is quite definitely immune. Until he kisses her.And in that kiss he lets her know she is his salvation. With each caress he dares her to stop looking in her book and start listening to her heart. For two very stubborn souls have just found their perfect match...



In return for safe escort to her ancestral castle, Lady Rosalynde is forced to marry the black-hearted rogue known only as Blacksword. But, unbeknownst to Rosalynde, the condemned outlaw possesses a secret identity--a noble name that his dreaded enemy seeks to destroy. A fast-paced medieval romance set in 12th-century England.



Dubbed "The Bridemaker" at Mayfair Academy, Hester Poitevant prefers to think of herself as a facilitator of marital unions. Hester poses as a prim widow rather than the never-been-married beauty she truly is. When the dashing scoundrel Adrian Hawke spies Hester, he vows to reveal the woman inside. But he discovers she has a past more complicated than he could ever imagine. Original.




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