"Suddenly sexy" ; "Sinfully sexy" et "Simply sexy" paraitront aux Usa
en septembre ;  octobre et novembre 2004

10/10 pour tout

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SWEET JASMINE (Sous le pseudo d'Alyssa Lee)

TEXAS 1879
Madeline : With a spirit as bold as the Texas land she owned, she vowed that she would never marry.
Wade : No one could disrupt his well-ordered world, except a stubborn redhead who refused to sell her land. And whose green-eyed beauty filled the air with the heady scent of flowers...
For two independent hearts, desire was unexpected, not even Wade's engagement to a socialite made sense anymore. When he is named guardian to a cousin's children, Maddie steps in to lend a woman's touch, and together they share the joys of giving the heart a place to call home...


TEXAS 1860
The men of San Antonio were ready to shoot Shane Rivers, when they found the half-breed kissing Miss Caroline.
The angelic Caroline was prepared to marry Shane Rivers, but her domineering father drove the devil out of town.
Her heart was broken, her reputation ruined. So Caroline started a new life as a teacher in El Paso. For years she cursed the name of Shane Rivers. But when he appeared one day out of the blue, she couldn't deny the power of her forbidden love. Yes, he was the devil who abandonned her. But Shane was determined to convince Caroline that he had never stopped loving her. He would never leave his breathtaking angel again... Even if she despised him as much as she desired him !



Abigail took pride in being proper. After all, she was trying to run a reputable boarding house in a wild Texas town, it was essential that she behave like a lady at all times.
Most men couldn't see beyond Abigail's drab attire and prim manner. But rugged mountain man Noah Blake saw the wildfire inside a woman and vowed to set it free...
After he accidentally knocked her to the ground in front of the Red Dog Saloon, Noah Blake had been unforgivably bold. So when he turned up as a boarder in her house, Abigail was determined to keep her distance. But it was difficult when they were living under the very same roof and when his steel-blue eyes followed her everywhere, and his knowing smile shook her to the very core of her womanhood...



TEXAS 1879
Persy Daltry was the shy girl of the family, spending more time cooking than courting. Though she loved her family and the Daltry ranch, she secretly longed for a more sophisticated lifestyle, like the refined people she had read about in her books. And when her grandmother sent her to New York for a year to debut with her cousin, it seemed like a dream come true. But she didn't plan on missing home so much, or noticing the arrogance of high society. She didn't plan on working in a saloon awned by Jake Devlin, the handsome and notorious "Prince of Prince Street". And she definitely didn't plan on falling in love...



At night the music came through the wall, warming her like a lover. Swaying in cadence with the waltz, she pictured the dancers...arms entwined, warm breaths caressing cheeks. Twirling in time, she became one with the melody. And waited for a partner who never arrived...

Proper Bostonians are talking about the Widow Braxton. They say she wears the gowns of a century past...she invited servants to parties...they say she is mad. Stephen St. James has heard rumors about his new neighbor. Yet no gossip prepares him to meet the widow behind the wall. For she is no wizened old woman -- but an exquisite young beauty. The moment he glimpses Belle, Stephen is transfixed by her haunted blue eyes. No matter that Belle is a temptress one moment, an innocent the next, Stephen is entranced by her lovliness -- and her outrageousness. But before he can make her his own, he must free the secret that binds her heart...


That night long ago, New York's elite had stood in their elegant finest, quivering with shock, speechless, before the whispers had begun. Everyone, it seemed, had known that no good would come of Lily Blakemore.

The scandal was devastating. The damage irreparable. Lily Blakemore's fall from grace was notorious. But details about the incident remained a well-guarded mystery in New York society -- a secret as elusive as Lily herself, who in disgrace disappeared shortly after.

But now ten years have passed and Crimson Lily is finally coming home. She dares to hope she will be welcomed. She does not dare to hope for love -- until she meets Morgan Elliott. But Morgan must resist Lily's legendary charms -- and discover what really happened that fateful night ten years ago.



"I dream of fair-haired, emerald-eyed maidens in castles by the sea..."

Standing in a doorway on a crowded New York street -- sheilded from a sudden, drenching rain -- Nicholas Drake whispered those words into Ellie Sinclair's ear. At that moment, it didn't matter that Nicholas and Ellie were on opposite sides of a battle that threatened to rob Ellie of her hone -- or Nicholas of his honor. All that mattered was the powerful attraction that drew them together.

Ellie knew that to complete a daring business venture, Nicholas had to purchase a block of houses, including her own. But for Ellie, selling the property would unearth a family scandal of twenty years past -- a startling connection that unknowingly bound the two lovers together...and threatened to tear them apart.




- Ne deviez vous pas nous annoncer une grande nouvelle, Fiona ? lance fielleusement Penelope.
Fiona se tourne vers sa belle-soeur. Encore un coup bas de cette vipère !
- Je n'ai pas l'intention d'épouser Jeffrey Upton, parvient-elle à répondre d'une voix calme et claire.
Un murmure de stupeur parcourt le groupe des invités massés autour des jeunes femmes. Tout Boston fera demain des gorges chaudes de ce scandale !
- Et pourquoi donc ? insiste Penelope avec un sourire carnassier.
- Parce que c'est avec moi qu'elle va se marier !
Fendant la foule avec assurance, un homme de haute taille s'approche de Fiona. Vêtu d'un élégant smoking noir, il serait extraordinairement beau sans la cicatrice qui balafre son visage.
Fiona soupire de soulagement : pour la seconde fois, Matthew Hawthorne vient de la tirer d'un mauvais pas...




Que Sophie Wentworth soit inoubliable, Grayson Hawthorne est bien placé pour le savoir ! Depuis cinq ans, il a tout fait pour la chasser de sa mémoire. En vain. Enfant déjà, elle défiait toutes les conventions. Toujours accompagnée de son violoncelle, les cheveux en bataille, un genou couronné... On l'appelait " le petit prodige ", ce qui n'était guère au goût de la vieille famille bostonienne dont elle était issue. Elle ne supportait aucune contrainte. Il est probable que ce trait de caractère n'a pas varié, maintenant qu'elle est devenue une violoncelliste célèbre ! Grayson s'attend même au pire : lorsque Sophie apprendra que Swan's Grace, la maison familiale qu'elle adore, a été vendue... Mais, peu importe, puisque c'est lui qui l'a achetée et que Sophie, il en est sûr, deviendra sa femme..



A gentleman killer is stalking prostitutes in the alleys of Boston. The police arrest Lucas Hawthorne, the notorious son of a prominent family and owner of the infamous nightclub Nightingale's Gate. As the daughter of Boston's leading prosecutor, attorney Alice Kendall has followed the headlines, but she is not prepared when the accused walks into her office seeking counsel. Nor is she prepared for his seductive charm. Alice knows she should keep her distance from a man like Lucas. But she takes the case to trial, standing against her father for this mysterious man.

Lucas has led a life filled with unapologetic scandal and dark secrets -- secrets that he has revealed to no one, including the lovely lawyer who haunts his dreams. Alice has the power to awaken the dormant cravings of his heart, but only if she can face the shocking truth that torments his soul....


THE WAYS OF GRACE (1er livre contemporain)


If there's one thing Grace Colebrook cannot tolerate, it's hysterics. So when her fiance´ betrays her on their wedding day, she refuses to make a scene. She simply walks away--straight in the arms of a powerful stranger. The morning after, regrets fly. But life gets truly complicated when it turns out that the man lives in the apartment below hers.

Legendary ER doctor Jack Berenger is a man used to getting what he wants. And he doesn't want Grace Colebrook—or so he tells himself when he can't gether out of his mind. She's prim, passionate and unpredictable, a far cry from the ice queens who usually catch his eye. But most of all, she breaks through the hard shell he has built around himself . . . filling him with a burning hunger to possess her.

At once deeply moving and wildly romantic, two unforgettable people find each other in a world turned upside-down. Now Jack has one final chance to open his heart and prove he can be the sort of man a woman like Grace could love....



When single mother Lacey Wright fudges her resume to get a job as business manager of a Texas sports bar owned by football quarterback Bobby McIntyre, she hopes not to have to contend with him. Lacey is prim, proper, and protective; Bobby is schmoozy, laissez-faire, and tolerant, and the two are like oil and water, squaring off from the beginning despite an undeniable attraction. Although Bobby wants to fire her even though his beloved sister has hired her, he doesn't, because as she learns later, his own mother abandoned him, and he won't punish another mother who is trying to keep her child with her. Eventually he helps Lacey relax and rediscover the passionate woman within, while she helps him acknowledge all the painful feelings about his own abandonment. Their story is paralleled by the first-love story of Lacey's 16-year-old daughter, whom she desperately does not want to make the same mistakes and get pregnant like she did. Adept at Victorian historicals, Lee also excels in this contemporary. Mary K. Chelton
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Texas heiress Vivienne Stansfield's dream of being a bride was about to come true. But in a startling change of fortune, her safe, reliable fiancé proves himself to be neither and her wealthy, eccentric father disappears, leaving her with no money, no explanation, and no choice but to find a job. Determined to prove that she isn't the pampered princess the tabloids say she is, she seeks the position of nanny for sexy real estate mogul Max Landry's young sisters. With to-die-for clothes and a heart as pure as her gold charm bracelet, Vivi steps up to the challenge. But how to resist her irresistible employer?

Max needs a nanny. But the last person he wants is a knock-out who doesn't know the first thing about taking care of herself, much less two young girls. But once she arrives, he learns that there is more to Vivi than her short skirts and high heels imply. And when she asks Max to teach her about the game of life and passion, this strong-willed man realizes that he wants to play for real, for keeps, and he has no intention of losing this determined woman's surprisingly fragile heart.

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