LA CIBLE - Harlequin Intrigue N°4

Le jour où Armon Landsteiner, l'un des plus grands avocats de la Nouvelle Orléans, est retrouvé mort à ses pieds, la vie de Michelle Pelletier tourne au cauchemar. Car, non seulement elle pard avec Armon un ami et un mentor, mais, surtout, elle se retrouve accusée d'un meurtre qu'elle sait ne pas avoir commis. Pourtant, comment prouver son innocence alors que le choc l'a rendue amnésique, et que tout l'acccuse ? Le sang sur ses vêtements, la rumeur qui fait d'elle la maitresse de cet homme de 40 ans son aîné, et ce curieux testament par lequel Armon lui lègue, au détriment de ses propres enfants, une large part de sa fortune. Pour échapper à la justice, il ne lui reste qu'une solution : retrouver le véritable coupable - au risque de devenir sa prochaine cible... Pourra-t-elle compter sur Philip Betancourt, le policier chargé de l'enquête ?



Despite a happy childhood, successful entrepreneur Addison Fox has always yearned to find her birth mother. And with the unexpected death of her adopted parents comes a renewed determination to fill in the missing pieces of her life—to find her “other” family. But she’s too late.

Burnt-out from past investigations, Randall Talbot is looking for some relief while helping out at his brother’s detective agency. But when Addison Fox walks in, he can’t resist her plea for help—even though the cost is murder.

Addison is the sole survivor of her bloodline—a line that a killer is
determined to make extinct. And even if the world-weary Randall has little regard left for life, he may be the only man capable of saving hers…

There is a dark side to every passion . . .
Dr. Elizabeth Barnes has devoted her heart and soul to medical research…at the expense of love in her life. But now-winning an award for her latest breakthrough drug-Elizabeth is at the top of her game, and she wouldn't change a thing.
Until a detective contacts her about a recent wave of homicides.
Cases of random violence have erupted across the country-murderous acts committed by previously non-violent people. Detective Sergeant Adam Boedecker, grieving brother to one of the suicide-murderers, has discovered that all the suspects had taken Elizabeth's new anti-depressant, Valazine. First, she dismisses it as the wild accusations of a burnt-out cop. But after another mysterious death, Elizabeth realizes that this intense, driven man may be the only one who can stop the killings…and save her from the dark side of her work, her passion, her life.

The clock is ticking…

Lean, edgy former police detective jack LaCroix had forty-eight hours to clear his name and keep his freedom. To do it, the escaped prisoner needed attorney Landis McAllister-the woman he'd once thought would share his life. The woman who thought he'd betrayed her.

Landis had just pulled her life together. Now Jack was back, compelling her to believe in him despite the damning evidence, proving with a touch that the ashes of their fiery past still smoldered. With the law on their heels and bullets flying at their backs, could they rekindle their trust in each other and find the proof Jack needed before time ran out?


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