A jeweler by trade, Amethyst Goldsmith is expected to carry on her family's centuries-old tradition of jewelry-making by marrying a man of her profession. When, in the early 1660s, a London fire leaves Amy homeless and alone, save for a chest of gold and jewels she"s to protect for generations to come, she's taken in by Colin Chase, Earl of Graystone, until she can find her way to relatives in France. Colin's family thinks she's a perfect match for him and wants her to stay, and Colin agrees. The problem is that he's betrothed to another woman, and broken betrothal agreements are not taken lightly--especially Colin's, as he's already spent his fiance's dowry to restore his crumbling estate. Colin knows that if he marries Amy, he'll have to pay back the money or spend the rest of his days in Newgate Prison. The only solution is to use her inheritance, which he promised he'd never do. 


It was chance . . .

Jason Chase is on a headlong mission to bring a scoundrel to justice when he smacks headfirst into a hapless Scottish lad--who happens to be a lovely lass.  Though she claims she's headed to London on family business, Jason's convinced she's a notorious bounty hunter and that they're after the same man.  He refuses to let her out of his sight. 

It was destiny . . .

Caithren Leslie longs to be rid of the handsome, overbearing Englishman, yet recognizes the danger of traveling alone among rogues and highwaymen.  Though Jason claims he's a commoner, Cait suspects he's of noble birth.  And as combat becomes companionship, and travel reveals truth, Jason and Cait discover that appearances can be most deceptive . . . and admit that the only quest that matters is the one for love. 


Kendra Chase's brothers have presented her with an abundance of wealthy, titled suitors--and she's rejected each and every one of them.  But upon meeting Patrick "Trick" Caldwell--a moody, mysterious highwayman--she knows that she has finally lost her heart.  He is devilishly handsome--and eminently unsuitable.  So when her overprotective brothers catch her and Trick in a compromising embrace and demand that Trick marry her, she cannot believe her ears.  Are they really desperate enough to match her up with a highwayman?  Now Kendra must face a most surprising possibility: this dangerous, complex man may not be who he seems to be at all . . .


"Question convention." It's the Ashcroft family motto--and it's something eldest daughter, Violet, has been doing a lot of lately. For starters, she's decided not to get married--she'd much rather be improving her mind than losing her heart. Especially since most suitors would surely have their eyes on her considerable inheritance or on her ravishing younger sisters–not on her plain face. . . .

Violet is convinced her very eligible neighbor, Ford Chase, is no exception. He's handsome, intelligent, even a little bit eccentric--his obsessions with astronomy and constructing a watch are most puzzling indeed! Violet can't deny she's intrigued. But could he ever really--sincerely--be interested in a woman as serious and self-conscious as she?


Lily Ashcroft has never understood the need for her rather eccentric family's motto: "Question Convention."  In fact, at the tender age of sixteen, Lily took one look at Lord Randal Nesbitt and wished for a most traditional institution--marriage.  But now her older sister Rose has her sights set on the dashing scholar, and known for always doing the right thing, Lily puts her own longings aside to help Rose in her quest to land him.

What no one counts on are Rand's feelings.  Though he hasn't seen Lily in four years, he's never forgotten her fresh and innocent beauty.  Falling victim to both desire and love, Rand begins to contemplate matrimony.  But now he finds himself caught in a thorny position between two lovely sisters--the one he's expected to wed, and the one he truly wants. . . 


The last of the lovely Ashcroft sisters to find a husband, Rose is fast approaching spinsterhood at the age of twenty-one.  But the intelligent beauty is determined to make her way down the aisle--with no less than a nobleman--even if it means hiding her brains, her hopes, and her dreams.
There is someone, however, to whom Rose can reveal everything.  He is Christopher "Kit" Martyn, a handsome and determined man set on landing the post of official Royal Architect.  Kit is no stranger to female attention, and though a commoner, he does not hesitate to pursue the out-of-reach Rose despite her inability to see him as a husband.  Somehow he must convince her that a title is worth little in the presence of a noble and passionate heart. . . 


You met Clarice Bradford in AMETHYST and Cameron Leslie in EMERALD. Now read their own story, FOREVERMORE, in the Signet anthology

In Praise of Younger Men
What is the invigorating appeal of the younger man? Is it his boyish charm, his enthusiasm for life? His appreciation of a woman's experience, and his eagerness to learn more? Or perhaps it's his vigor, his unending appetite, and his willingness to please. In this scintillating quartet of stories by four of today's most popular romance writers, the answers are discovered in a younger man's tender promises of pleasure whispered behind closed the hunger of his deep, soft candlelight kisses...and in his ability to reawaken in his lover the joyous simplicity of a past innocence...

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